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Published: 31st August 2010
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70's and 80's are remembered by many as being the harbingers of various fashion styles and statements. The designs were innovative and almost instantly touched the hearts of millions of people. The fashion industry had a very fast transition during those years. The emergence of MTV totally changed music industry, fashion and anything it can be related to. People were trying to redefine themselves during these years. The changes that both men and women brought upon themselves were almost instantaneous.

Tight shirts with loose pants were fashionable in 70's. This got completely reversed in the decade of 80's where women used to wear bold dresses having shoulder pads and men wore shirts in full sleeves which were stitched in expensive material together with loose fitting baggy trousers that were slightly tapered at the ankle. New designer romantic look started the "romantic movement" being inspired by the former punks. Designer jeans and "leather in clothing" also started to emerge as hot styles which soon caught up.

Women had adapted wearing high heel pointed shoes as business wear & jelly shoes which were transparent and came in glossy colours as party wear. Jogging pants and tracksuits turned common leisure wear. Rock bands solemnized acid washed faded jeans, denim jackets along with piercing and tattooing as fashion statement of the era. Men began to wear earrings. Hairstyle included lots of mousse which resulted in a shiny voluminous look. Colored and streaked hair came into style. Men started to keep longer hair and women kept shorter hair.

Jewellery encrusted with precious stones became a display of prosperity and power. Women turned to wearing long earrings, often different in both ears. At times, they even used single earrings. Fashion jewellery saw some new highs available as Fine silver and gold chains, punk style, and neon colours. The old jewellery was decorated with modern designs and enamel. During the early 80s electronic watches with metal bands were quite a rage among the youth. Subsequently adults reverted to dial watches. But teens still choose to wear dynamically coloured plastic watches with roman numerals. Significantly the Movado design was a hallmark of status with glossy design and a dot at 12. Once in a blue moon people also used more than one watch at the same time. People also made it a point to use fine gold bracelets and hoops earrings.

Designer bags manufactured from leather were also among the trend setters. Clutch bags captivated interest amongst people for being so firm and appressed. Stylish briefcases also sold very well. Women had a custom to match their shoes with their bags. Numerous types of shawls in various colours and patterns were around for different events. In the daytime they wore shawls with tank tops and with gowns at night. Designer under garments also set styles. Women chosen the ones with laces and light colors. Vibrant boxer shorts in various patterns and stripes became available for men. In the middle of 1980's small eye-glasses in metal frames found the trend. Fashion had a significant effect on everyday life during these two decades.

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